Why Agustus

Welcome to a revolutionary experience in tax support.

Affordable, intimate, and immediate – Agustus Tax Counselling offers the quality of help you’ve always wanted, for both individuals and businesses, but never had access to.

What sets us apart from the CRA and conventional consulting firms is not only our flexibility and speed, but the purpose that drives us.

Agustus is committed to your financial freedom and empowerment. We’re here to eliminate confusion and fear around taxes, so you can be free to pursue your passions and build a life on your terms.

Our 15-minute consultation isn’t just about managing numbers; it’s about managing your financial psychology.

Nobody should have to struggle in understanding their taxes and making the right decisions. On our calls, we not only explore how to keep more money in your pocket, but we’ll also dig deeper to illuminate greater self-awareness and make plans to help reach your goals.

By providing custom-tailored knowledge to fit your situation, we can help you understand your unique tax biography and areas of opportunity, which no amount of Internet searching can do.

Whether you’re a start-up, freelancer, college student, or veteran corporate executive, Agustus can help change your tax game.


Step 1

Schedule a time for us to call you at your convenience.

Step 2

We’ll spend 15 minutes discussing your tax question.

Step 3

Gain clarity and feel empowered about taking action.

This purpose was inspired by our founder, David Straznicky, CPA, CA.

After over 15 years of experience as a professional accountant, including the build and sale of his own practice, David founded Agustus as a means to marry his financial expertise with his life’s passion of connecting with people through transformational conversation.