Extended Benefits Programs

We can help your team thrive by reducing tax-related stress and supporting their goals.

Our unique extended benefit programs give your employees and members direct access to certified tax counsellors – whenever, wherever – who do more than recite rules and regulations.

With our personalized approach, Agustus has a proven track record of exponentially increasing rates of employee engagement in utilizing their EAP (employee assistance program).

Higher utilization means higher productivity, job satisfaction, company morale, and overall quality of life. Let us help upgrade the health of your ecosystem.

Why Us?

Simple! No other provider in Canada offers this quality of flexible, personalized tax support, which creates an easy opportunity to differentiate and elevate your company.

The only viable alternative for your employees is to dial CRA inquiry phone lines, which are unable to handle call volume and often lack genuine care. Long wait times and poor-quality information can lead to more stress and lost productivity for your organization.

With Agustus, your team members book their 15-minute call through our online schedule, and connect with one of our friendly accredited tax counsellors to receive personalized guidance.

Did you know?

Employees who have access to an EAP are 63% more likely to stay with an employer because they feel supported and valued.

Perception of value by the members is important. We can help your members excel by reducing stress related to tax and finances.

Agustus has a proven track record of high utilization and satisfaction which translates to higher job satisfaction.

Don’t just take our word for it…


Step 1

Schedule a time to discuss the benefits of our EAP program.

Step 2

Offer EAP program to your organization with our personal introductory briefing.

Step 3

See improved retention and satisfaction.