Personal Tax Counselling

Confused and stressed about tax problems? Relax – we have your back.

Book a 15-minute call with one of our certified accountants to get clarity on your tax situation and learn how you could be keeping more money in your pocket to fuel your goals.

We take pride in offering the best tax counselling experience available, so you can worry less about taxes and more about pursuing your passions.

Cost: $50 FREE UNTIL MAY 2021

The Agustus Advantage

We want you to thrive. Because our team is committed to your wellness, we offer the kind of support you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Money is the leading cause of mental stress.
For most people, tax issues are often left to fester because they’re swamped with so many other priorities – work, family, intimate relationships, health, and simply enjoying life.

Throw in a collective lack of education on how to navigate the tax system, and it’s a recipe for overwhelm.

Who can you turn to for help?
Personal accountants are expensive, CRA help lines are jammed, and they’re generally unhelpful when you finally get through. Much of the time their information is outright incorrect and lacks creative strategy.

Our friendly certified professionals will expertly assist you with your tax questions – on your schedule – in 15 minutes. Say goodbye to astronomical wait times, awful hold music and lackluster attitudes.

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How We Can Help

Whether you’ve received an intimidating letter from the CRA, purchased a vehicle, invested in property, have childcare expenses, or recently became self-employed, our team can answer any tax question and illuminate your unique areas of opportunity.

Trust us that no issue is too small or too big to discuss.

If you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed about any tax-related issue, we’ll help relieve the pressure and guide you through the best course of action.

Common reasons to call us:

  • Deducting self-employment expenses
  • Going back to school
  • Receiving an inheritance
  • Personal or family illness
  • Having children
  • Sending kids to private school
  • Buying or leasing a car
  • Buying or selling a rental property
  • Starting your own business
  • Using a home office
  • Receiving a bonus from work
  • RRSP contributions
  • Work-related travel
  • Household renovations
  • Disabled parent moving in
  • Children getting a disability
  • Doing work on the side from an employment job
  • Spending money on hobbies


Step 1

Schedule a time for us to call you at your convenience.

Step 2

We’ll spend 15 minutes discussing your tax question.

Step 3

Gain clarity and feel empowered about taking action.